Addiction And Family

Addiction And Family

addiction and family

It s easy to understand how addiction and family relationships affect each other. This terrible disease has a unique, separate effect on each member of the family, and unfortunately it is often negative. However, when a person truly sees how addiction and family relationships are intertwined, they will be much more inclined to make a positive transformation in their own lives. Family members need to understand what addiction is, and how it affects the people that live in the household. The physical act of addiction itself can be very difficult for the addict, but the guilt and feelings of failure that comes along with it to make it even harder. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, there are many things that you can do to get them the help that they need. The first thing to understand is that the processes related to addiction vary greatly. There are some addicts who are perfectly capable of handling their addiction in healthy and effective ways, while others require outside help. Those who are not completely capable of making changes on their own will usually seek help from an addiction specialist. However, those who are unable to self-regulate the chemical processes related to their addictive behaviors will find themselves increasingly dependent upon substances. The constant need for these substances can create great family disturbances for an addict.

One of the primary ways that addiction affects the dynamics of a family unit is through the constant communication that must take place in order to keep everyone sane and functioning properly. For an addict, the immediate goal is to rid himself or herself of the substances that have become such a personal issue. Once this goal is achieved, the addict begins to evaluate his or her own behavior and decides whether or not to attend group therapy or deal with the problem on one’s own. The constant communication that takes place between the addict and loved ones is critical in the recovery process.

In addition to constant communication, there is a need to address the financial ramifications of addiction in the family as well. The addiction itself creates tremendous stress on the finances of a household, especially if the addicted individual has a full-time job. The financial stresses can also impact the family as a whole. Many families are forced to choose between feeding the children and paying the bills. The result is often a parent who works a second job to provide for the family, leaving the other parent to raise the children full-time. This scenario is not only emotionally difficult, but it puts a huge strain on the finances of the household. Fortunately, there are options available for those who suffer from addiction and are trying to raise the children in a drug-free environment. One of those options is a drug rehab. Most addicts will go into a rehabilitation program in an effort to get clean and stay clean. In some cases, the program will be a short-term solution to an addicted family member. In other cases, the program may last years, but that is not always the case.

addressing addiction and family issues

When trying to address the issue of addiction and family members being affected by the addiction, it is important to realize that many of these individuals come from low-income families. The drugs that these individuals are addicted to may have been obtained legally or at a friend’s home. In addition to that, these individuals may have begun using drugs innocently and gotten out of control over time. Regardless of how they got the drugs, there is a need for the family members to understand that the addict is struggling and needs psychological counseling and other help.

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