Addiction Outreach Clinic

Addiction Outreach Clinic

addiction outreach clinic

Addiction Outreach Clinic is an addiction treatment center specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of opioid addiction. Patients with long term, severe addiction to prescription medications or street drugs such as heroin or prescription pain medications, receive customized treatment in a secure private medical environment by a specially trained medical staff. Inpatient programs are available for those who are too ashamed to enter a full-fledged inpatient facility. However, patients who are comfortable disclosing their addiction problem and have completed their detoxification require treatment in the inpatient setting. The program is provided by licensed professionals who have extensive training and experience in addiction treatment. The primary function of an addiction outreach clinic is to refer individuals to a local or state approved suboxone clinic. Suboxone clinics accept patients who have been deemed by their physicians to be either dependent upon illegal street drugs, such as heroin or prescription pain medications, or are suffering from an addiction to prescription opioids, including OxyContin. Suboxone is an opioid that has been shown to be effective in combating the physical and psychological manifestations of withdrawal from street drugs. The drug acts in the body much like morphine. It reduces the desire for the addictive substance and replaces it with other substances, thereby reducing the dependency on the substance. This allows recovering heroin addicts, prescription pill addicts, and prescription pain patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while receiving the assistance they need to kick their addiction for good.

How does an Addiction Outreach Clinic help

According to the latest national report on drug addiction and dependency, opioids rank second in the list of leading causes of death among people who abuse drugs or are classified as dependent upon them. Heroin is the most commonly prescribed street opioids, and is a Schedule II substance. Although sometimes used medically as a remedy for debilitating pain, sometimes referred to as street drugs, they are usually injected under the skin, causing an injection of controlled opiate gas. Over time, the misuse of prescription opioids such as OxyContin leads to an opiate tolerance, which means that the individual needs larger amounts of the drug to achieve the same effect. As a result, using heroin or other street drugs becomes increasingly dangerous and difficult to stop. An addiction outreach clinic can help patients who are trying to break free from an abusive relationship involving prescription opioids.

An addiction outreach clinic in Ohio may refer individuals to local treatment programs, or offer both services and funding to support individuals in recovery. An experienced addiction specialist such as a psychiatrist or psychologist can assist with screening and evaluating potential clients. In many cases, local hospitals offer treatment programs for those who have had traumatic experiences in their lives that have left them dependent on prescription medications. The goal of an addiction outreach clinic is to provide education, guidance, and resources to assist individuals with finding the right kind of treatment for their particular needs. One such service provided by these programs is the peer counseling aspect of their services. Peer counseling is designed specifically to meet the needs of recovering opioid addicts, many of whom have had limited or no success with outside services due to their reliance on prescription medications. These programs also help families and friends cope with the devastation of having a loved one suffer from an abusive form of drug abuse. Family and friends may find it difficult to adjust to the idea that their loved one has to face withdrawal symptoms, which can be handled by qualified professionals at an addiction outreach clinic.

One reason that a treatment program at an addiction outreach clinic in Ohio may be a good option is that it offers quality health care services for people suffering from a drug addiction. Treatment programs run by addiction specialists provide medical treatments, individual therapy, and comprehensive support systems. For people in recovery, access to quality health care and psychological stimulation is essential. By treating patients in an integrated fashion, addiction specialists are able to address the physical and mental health needs of patients while educating them about their responsibility to reduce their drug use. Treatment programs run by addiction specialists have helped several people kick their addiction, go through successful drug detox, and live productive lives. Combining highly skilled doctors and nurses with dedicated staff that understand and care about each patient’s needs, addiction outreach clinics are a great alternative to traditional drug rehab facilities.

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