Bath Salts Withdrawal

Bath Salts Withdrawal

bath salts withdrawal

Using bath salts on a regular or frequent basis can quickly result in addiction and the withdrawal can be drastic. Recent studies reveal that bath salts, also known as hot rocks or lava salt, are actually more addictive than cocaine. Once users become addicted to the substance, it is very difficult to stop using. The users achieve their high by increasing the amount of the drug they have ingested. This increases the body’s temperature and produces a euphoric sensation. Most people who become addicted to hot rocks do not intend to become dependent on them. Instead, they only use them occasionally when they feel moody. If an individual uses them excessively for a long period of time, they may suffer from serious withdrawal symptoms. As with any dependence, this one also takes dedication and work to overcome. Most people who have overcome addiction treatment find they require professional assistance to address their issues.

Another reason for the high occurrence of bath salts withdrawal is because of the use of these drugs among younger generations. Since the substances are legal, teens are more likely to try them out. They often believe the drugs are safe and will not result in any negative consequences. Unfortunately, once these individuals begin to experience symptoms such as anxiety, depression and mental health problems, they may begin to experience serious complications. If an individual tries to quit, symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, irritability and depression can occur. Users commonly develop cravings for the substance, which usually lessen over time. However, there are some individuals who experience withdrawals when they attempt to stop taking the medications. These symptoms can include restlessness, seizures and even hallucinations.

bath salts withdrawal symptoms 

Bath salts are highly addictive. Although severity of abuse may vary, the most common symptoms include restlessness, insomnia, depression and anxiety. Each of these symptoms may subside over time. Those with severe levels of addiction may continue to experience symptoms that range from mild irritability to psychotic episodes. As these individuals age, they may find that the stimulant drugs they used no longer provide the relief they used to feel free and relaxed. Individuals who decide to undergo a bath salt detoxification program will be assessed first by their healthcare professionals. A treatment plan will be determined together with the medical provider. The duration of the treatment and the ultimate results will depend on the severity of addiction, abuse and dependency. Treatment can take several months and up to one year. In some cases, treatment can be continued for several years. The detoxification process is only one part of the overall recovery process.

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