Benadryl Addiction

Benadryl Addiction

Benadryl addiction

The most common type of ADHD medicine is Benadryl, a safe and effective nasal decongestant which is also an antihistamine however can develop addiction. Its other name is Claritin. Dipshenhydramine is the active ingredient in Benadryl and it is the most commonly prescribed oral prescription medicine for ADHD in the United States. It can also be bought as a generic or with no medical prescription. abuse of Benadryl may come with serious side effects, such as addiction. To prevent any possible dangers of abusing this drug, it is important to be aware of Benadryl (diphenhydramine).

There are several warning signs that suggest you need to look out for if you suspect your loved one is suffering from an addiction to benadryl. You will notice that they may find it difficult to sleep. They may experience headaches in the morning. When waking up in the afternoon, they may have difficulty concentrating or remembering things. If your loved one has taken too many pills in a day, they may have trouble concentrating, have problems with memory and be unable to focus.

If your loved one has mentioned becoming obsessed with television shows or video games when not taking the pills – beware that may indicate a Benadryl addiction as well. Another sign of a possible Benadryl or ADHD addiction could be if your loved one starts talking about a traumatic experience. If they talk about being a war survivor when they did not experience one, this could indicate a reaction to the drug. If the Benadryl is for a long period of time and starts affecting their appetite levels, this could mean they are abusing benadryl.

It is recommended that you visit your family physician if you think your loved one may be suffering from a Benadryl addiction or other prescription medication addiction. It is very easy for addictions to continue after being treated, especially with powerful prescription drugs. The only way to ensure that your loved one does not continue to abuse benadryl is to get them into a rehab program where they will receive medical attention and help to change their lifestyle so they do not become addicted to the drugs any more.

dangers of Benadryl addiction

One of the most dangerous prescriptions drug is Benadryl. The reason is because it can be abused in numerous ways. If you know that someone is addicted to benadryl you need to get them into professional help right away. It is extremely easy for people to abuse benadryl because it can be found everywhere, particularly at parties. Many people believe that they are buying potpourri when they are actually buying benadryl that they intend to ingest through a mouthful of wine.

Prescription drugs like Benadryl are highly addictive because of the way that the drug works. As with any kind of addiction it is crucial to try and understand what drives the user into addiction. Prescription drugs like benadryl addiction should be treated with serious concern and it is imperative that treatment centers incorporate inpatient rehab so that people do not continue to abuse these medications.

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