Cannabis Induced Psychosis

Cannabis Induced Psychosis

cannabis induced psychosis

When a person has had a history of having used cannabis and then has suddenly begun to use it on a regular basis, this is often referred to as cannabis induced psychosis. The reason for this is that the brain chemistry has changed so much within such a short space of time. The human brain is a highly complex structure, and it takes time for changes to occur within it. If you find that you are suddenly having thoughts of violence or death, or that you are losing your temper more, this is most likely to be caused by a change in brain chemistry. When a person has suffered from cannabis use for a long time, and then begins to use it recreationally, it is likely that their brain chemistry has undergone a large change, and this is what is referred to as cannabis induced psychosis.

It is thought that people who have used cannabis as a drug for many years may find that they have some sort of genetic predisposition to doing this, however most experts believe that there is more to this than this. It has also been found that people who use cannabis almost daily for example, or those who consume small amounts of the drug on a regular basis, will find that their chances of having a cannabis induced psychosis are much higher than those who only use the drug on rare occasions. Many people who use marijuana on a regular basis also tend to use other drugs such as cocaine or methamphetamine on a regular basis. There are also those who find that once they start using cannabis, they find that they can never stop.

cannabis induced psychosis symptoms 

One of the most common symptoms that you would expect to see in somebody who has schizophrenia is a history of cannabis induced psychosis. If you look through medical history, you will find that people who suffer from schizophrenia or post-traumatic stress disorder will tend to have histories of cannabis use. One of the reasons why schizophrenia tends to develop in those who abuse cannabis, is because it alters their brain chemistry. People who have schizophrenia are often found to have an over abundance of dopamine in their system, which is one of the chemicals that is responsible for hallucinations and out of body experiences. People who have this condition will often use cannabis to try and calm the effects of their schizophrenia, and this is why people with schizophrenia will tend to have more than one type of cannabis-related disorder.

It is thought that marijuana may play a role in the development of psychotic disorders in two ways. Firstly, there are some patients who will take marijuana and then go on to develop schizophrenia after they stop taking it. Secondly, schizophrenia can be an indicator of someone who has been taking too much marijuana, because if your family doctor has recommended reducing your daily dose of cannabis, but you continue to use it anyway, you then run a high risk of developing schizophrenia as well as another form of psychoses such as bipolar disorder. If you suspect that you have developed a new psychotic illness such as schizophrenia and cannabis, you should speak to your family doctor about your concerns, as he may be able to recommend treatment options.

Some tests have been carried out on people who believe that they suffer from cannabis-induced psychoses. The main results of these tests have shown that subjects who had higher than normal IQs and had better cognitive skills also scored higher on the intelligence quotient scale when compared to control subjects. Furthermore, there were subjects with lower than normal scores and lower IQs who only showed a small difference in performance to control subjects, whereas those with higher IQs but poorer performance showed no difference in performance to those with higher IQs but better skills. The researchers concluded, “A high score on IQ, but poor performance on IQ were predictive of the development of schizophrenia.” These tests were carried out using data from a large UK school-wide survey.

Finally, there was a study that used data from a prison rehabilitation centre and found that IQ was not related to any of the major crime rates around the world. The research did however show that subjects who had a higher IQ had lower numbers on the GAF battery which is used to measure mental ability. This suggests that there may be more than one cause for the link between IQ and crime, and that these causes are distinct and difficult to prove. However, all the data seems to point in one direction; that the link between criminal activity and IQ is non-existent. So if you’re wondering whether it’s possible that cannabis can make you go insane or cause psychotic symptoms; the answer is ‘no’.

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