Category: Addictions

am i an addict

am i an addict If you ask your friends do I have a drug addiction problem, most of them will answer no. I know this

dating an addict

dating an addict Should you date an addict? How does someone with this type of problem to get into a committed relationship? How do you

addiction and family

addiction and family It s easy to understand how addiction and family relationships affect each other. This terrible disease has a unique, separate effect on

can you snort baclofen

can you snort baclofen Can you snort baclofen? The short answer is yes, you can. While this product has been around for quite some time

snorting oxycodone

snorting oxycodone When you snort oxycodone or take it in any form, you will experience its effects more dramatically and significantly than when you consume


broncleer If you are an addict of codeine, you will be familiar with the name broncleer addiction. You will probably also know that bronchodilators such

synthetic weed

synthetic weed According to recent reports, some very real synthetic weed dangers include:   * Indications of Lung Problems – Anecdotal evidence and research indicates

speed addiction

speed addiction Speed addiction is a very serious one. It can quickly become addictive and dangerous one, as it often develops into a bacrimony habit.

meth addiction

Meth Addiction The medical term for methamphetamine addiction is “bipolar disorder.” It is a neurological disease in which patients have extreme and rapid swings of

roxycodone abuse

Roxycodone Abuse Many users of Roxycodone abuse the prescription, but they don’t realize that misuse can lead to addiction and other serious health issues. Long-term

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