External Triggers

External Triggers

external triggers

There are many different external triggers that can lead to a dependency on alcohol or drugs, but the most common trigger is usually the addiction external triggers. The addiction external triggers are those situations and circumstances which cause a person to crave for the substance of choice. These triggers then become a psychological barrier against recovery and can often times become self-reinforcing. As a result, once a person becomes conditioned to craving the substance of choice, it becomes very difficult for that person to overcome this addiction. However, there are ways to at least temporarily mitigate these triggers and get yourself over the addiction problem.

examples of external triggers

At times, the addiction external triggers are quite simple and do not require much effort on your part. For example, if you have a friend who always had a drink before going to bed, you can try to get him to keep his head up by setting up the environment so that his eyes are heavy while he is sitting on the couch. You can also make a drinking buddy out of a member of your family, or someone who has a lot of experience with mixing drinks. By bonding with another person, you will find it easier to combat this addiction external trigger.

However, there are other factors that can contribute to an addiction. For example, if you come from a poor family, you may be vulnerable to addiction external triggers. This means that your family may have subjected you to negative peer pressure and you were more than likely to take on the vice as a coping mechanism. This type of addiction external triggers is harder to defeat and requires extensive counseling and therapy.

There are times when the addiction external triggers are more difficult to defeat. For example, if you grew up in a household where violence was the norm, you have been genetically predispositioned to be violent as well. As a result, it can be difficult to combat an addiction with a family member or friend. Even if you managed to combat your addiction external to your family, you may have experienced other triggers that lead to your addiction.

However, there are some triggers that can’t be avoided. For instance, if you became a victim of sexual assault during your childhood, you are more likely to develop an addiction. In addition, if you were severely abused as a child, there is an obvious pattern in the way you treat people now. The bad patterns are easy to spot and you can easily see where you may have gotten the seeds of resentment for yourself. As such, these triggers are usually more difficult to break.

Regardless of which addiction external triggers are plaguing your life, you should take steps to overcome them. If you go through therapy, make sure to share about what triggers your addiction, so that you can be treated for any emotional or physical ailments that you may have been carrying around since childhood. With therapy, you can reclaim your life and find new ways of living.

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