Hangover Shakes

Hangover Shakes

hangover shakes

If you are experiencing any kind of symptoms related to the hangover after drinking a large amount of alcohol, then you should look for  hangover shakes. Although many people may laugh at this notion, there is really no harm in trying to get your body back into shape as quickly as possible. It is not advisable to drink a large amount of alcohol every day, but if you drink often and are still suffering from any symptoms, then it may be time for a change.

Most experts agree that one of the leading causes of a hangover is a lowered blood sugar level. Once the blood sugar level drops below normal levels, the liver is unable to process sugar and therefore turns it into fat. This in turn leads to dehydration, a condition that is synonymous with a hangover. In order to remedy this issue, experts have come up with a number of different remedies including, but not limited to, hangover shakes. These shakes have been designed to help boost the body’s glucose levels, which in turn helps to get the nervous system on track again.

As previously mentioned, one of the most common causes of a hangover is a lowered blood sugar level. The main ingredient in most hangover shakes is L-theanine, which has been shown to improve the functioning of the pancreas, the enzyme responsible for processing carbohydrates in the blood stream. Another ingredient of these shakes, and a popular one amongst athletes and those who are recovering from a sporting event, is l-glutamine. Glutamine is also known as l-glutamycin or L-glutamate and is used by the body to replenish its glycogen stock, which is used to repair cells after a workout or event.

Many athletes and those who suffer from frequent ailments, such as hangovers, turn to a glass of L-theanine shake after their workout because it seems to temporarily cure them of the pain associated with a hangover. But do these drinks do more than temporarily dull the pain? The answer is yes and no. While L-theanine does seem to provide relief from pain caused by a hangover, it also helps to boost the functioning of the immune system. In addition, it may also increase endurance and mood and may even boost brain function.

In addition to boosting the immune system, L-theanine also appears to lessen the effects of other illnesses, including cold sweats, dehydration, and nausea. One interesting side effect of drinking a glass of L-theanine shake each day is that it can cause a pretty bad headache. This is caused because the caffeine in the drink triggers a spasm of the triceps, or arm muscles. It’s important to note that this effect only occurs if the drinker consumes more than one serving per day.

Relieving hangover shakes

Finally, while researchers are still not entirely sure how L-theanine works to alleviate the symptoms of a hangover, one thing they have observed is that it reduces the severity of alcohol withdrawal. Although scientists still aren’t quite sure how the alcohols rebound effect of drinking causes the decrease in severity of the hangover, it is apparent that drinking L-theanine supplements prevents the return of alcohol cravings. As mentioned above, drinking two glasses of the shakes each day has been shown to decrease the intensity of the alcohols rebound effect. Although there isn’t a clear correlation between the amount of L-theanine consumed and the severity of a hangover, drinking two or three glasses every day is likely to provide some relief to those who drink alcohol frequently.

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