Hot Rail

Hot Rail

Hot Rail

A hot rail or “Weezy Reezy” is nothing more than a long glass pipe with a hole in the top, which is designed to be used as an inhaler. Other drugs with dissimilar melting/vaping points have various melting/vaping points as well. Keep in mind that anything ingested must pass through your lungs first. In order to do this, your tongue must first hit the surface of the tube; the longer your tongue is inside the tube, the faster the drug will dissolve into your blood stream. This is why most hot rails are designed with long, skinny mouths, designed to allow your tongue to easily go inside.

how to Hot Rail

The way the hot rail works is rather simple: You simply puff it up until you’ve reached your maximum inhaling capacity. Then, you simply exhale and blow your nose. The drug goes into your blood stream, so you exhale. The drug is absorbed by the fat in your body, whereupon it travels through your blood stream to all your other organs, whereupon it gets acted upon. The process repeats itself continually throughout your entire body.

The question remains, how do you keep this drug in your system? Well, there are two primary ways to do this. One way, of course, is simply to ingest the drug. Another is by using a hot rail. Basically, when you’re on a hot rail ride, you are not supposed to be sitting or lying down. Your goal is to ride the drug forward throughout your body, from your head, to your toes, and then up your entire body.

If you happen to fall asleep while on a train ride of this kind, then this is probably not a good idea. If you do take a nap while on one, however, make sure you wake up again immediately, without passing out. This could seriously hurt your chances of keeping the stuff in your nose. Also, avoid taking Tylenol or aspirin when you’re on one.

Obviously, you also need to keep your mouth and nose clear. This is much easier if you wear a nose stud. But, if you don’t, then just remember to keep your mouth closed. You wouldn’t want to drink a drug into your nose and have it enter your bloodstream instead. It’s against the law, in general, but it’s certainly not against the law here.

And now, back to your nose stud. You can either leave it on by itself in your nostril (to which the drug moves into your blood stream) or you can put it in. If you choose the latter, then you need to take care. Just remember that the drug gets into your blood stream and that means you need to be careful with what you put in your nose. Again, if you don’t, then you may find yourself in serious trouble.

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