How Long Are Aa Meetings

How Long Are Aa Meetings

how long are aa meetings

How long are AA meetings for? That’s a good question, especially if you are going through alcohol withdrawal. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings vary depending on where they are held and when. In the South there are some that last a week, while others may last as little as two days. The amount of time varies because of the location and frequency of the meetings.

How long does each meeting last? You should go to your meeting every day, even if it is just one hour. The important thing to remember is that you need to be consistent so that your body will learn to not be dependent upon alcohol. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are the place to go when you are ready to ask for help.

how long are aa meetings and who can attend

Who can attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings? Anyone who has an alcohol problem is welcome to attend. Meeting are generally open to anyone who lives with or without a family member who has a drinking problem. Meeting usually take place in a house or building that is sober related. For example, a medical office, restaurant, church, or school hall.

How long do the meetings last? The average meeting is usually planned to last anywhere from eight to twelve hours. The exact number of hours will depend upon the severity of your addiction and whether or not you attend the meeting on a daily basis. If you have to leave work early or attend a job during the evening you may be able to go to the meetings after work.

How can you find other people with a similar problem? Alcoholic anonymous meetings are often held on a rotating basis. This means that you could join meetings in your area and go to a meeting that is being held somewhere else. Sometimes you will be able to attend a meeting when you are close to home. These meetings are designed to keep you from having to drive or travel for hundreds of miles just to attend a meeting.

How long will the meetings take? Alcoholic Anonymous meetings usually last about an hour. Many times when you first start attending you may be uncertain about how long you will need to attend. However, as you progress in time you will probably notice that the meetings do not drag on forever. You may even find that you can finish part of a meeting before getting up and moving on to something else.

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