Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine Addiction

ketamine addiction

You may have heard of ketamine addiction, but you’re unsure what the signs and symptoms are for this addictive substance. Ketamine is a drug that is commonly used to treat depression, Parkinson’s disease, and migraine headaches. It has also been used to treat seizures in children, although this use is considered very dangerous and should be stopped immediately. Ketamine can cause side effects similar to those of cocaine, and there are even some signs and symptoms for addiction that may go unnoticed. Ketamine abuse can be deadly when taken in combination with other drugs.

causes of ketamine addiction

Ketamine addiction can come from different situations, such as taking it to get high when visiting a rave club, shopping online, or even getting it over the counter at a local pharmacy. Ketamine is often mixed with other drugs, to create a powerful high, just like alcohol. This makes it tempting to keep using just to feel the same as when you were drunk. Ketamine abuse can take place in a number of different ways, like taking several small doses of it over a period of time, mixing it with other sedatives, and just intentionally taking it in order to self medicate with the feeling of being high.

Like any other drug, ketamine addiction requires treatment and supervision. First of all, if you suspect your loved one is using it, you need to talk to their doctor about it. An experienced anesthesiologist will be able to tell the difference between real ketamine, and the fake version that looks similar but does not have the special k that anesthesiologists rely on in order to do their jobs. If the doctor determines that ketamine addiction is taking place, he or she will recommend that the patient be hospitalized, and the immediate removal of the drug from their system be done. Anesthesia does not allow for the gradual withdrawal of a harmful drug like this. Special k is used in medical uses to block pain, and is often given to those who are in surgery or have severe burns or injuries. If there is any chance that your loved one is abusing this drug, you should bring it up with the medical team and explain the risks involved. If the doctor thinks it is something that can help someone with their pain, they will most likely not recommend rehab. They may warn against considering ketamine addiction as a solution because of the danger involved.

It is not uncommon for someone addicted to ketamine addiction to get into another addiction, especially once they have suffered through the initial withdrawals. People who use this drug for purposes of getting high will often return to their original use when their “high” wears off. If that happens, the person becomes quite dependent on the drug, and without it they cannot function properly. When they go into a rehabilitation program, they will learn better ways to use their brain without experiencing the euphoric feelings. Ketamine addiction is serious, because the effects of the drug can be life threatening, even when taken under the right circumstances. You should always consult a medical professional before trying any new medications. If you or someone you know has been presenting symptoms of ketamine intoxication, be sure to check with your doctor first.

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