Pain Killers Addiction Symptoms

Pain Killers Addiction Symptoms

pain killers addiction symptoms

The most obvious pain killers addiction symptoms are physical. You will experience excruciating pain when you have an addiction. When taking the pain killers, you will also experience an equally unbearable pain when the medication wears off or even gets weaker over time. If you are a chronic user of these pain killers, you may start to experience some pains that are so intense that they hurt to the bone and can last for days or weeks on end. This is called the “anesthetic effect” of pain killers. When your body starts to use these pain killers to ease the pain, it means that the brain is telling your body to override your pain receptors with an intense sensation of pain. Unfortunately, this also means that you can never really tell when the pain killers are wearing off and the pain will return in a matter of minutes. You can never predict when the addiction to pain killers is going to hit. It is an unpredictable process and you may find yourself relapsing into the addiction because you are not controlling the pain.

Other pain killers addiction symptoms include emotional symptoms. Chronic pain killers use has a very real emotional component. Even if you are a non-user, you will realize that you always feel anger when you are experiencing pain. You may feel angry at the pain killers for causing the anger and at yourself for using them. This can lead to depression and extreme sadness. As you continue to use these pain killers, you will learn to use them as a form of escape from real or imagined pain. At first, you will only use them when you are experiencing severe pain. Over time, you will use them when there is no pain at all, just pain that is manageable. As your use of chronic pain killers increases, you will become dependent on them. You will be able to function completely without them.’

Severe Pain Killer Addiction Symptoms 

One of the most severe consequences is suicidal thoughts and behavior. Suicidal thoughts are very common with people who are taking chronic pain medication. They feel they have no other choice than to end their lives. They often talk about committing suicide attacks repeatedly in a manner of desperation. Others may fantasize about having an accidental death by shooting themselves or others. Many chronic pain sufferers have talked about or actually committed homicide.

Some people become so serious about pain killers that they use them even when there is no pain at all. They will take an aspirin or pain killer if it eases their pain at the present time. Others have gone to the extent of actually ingesting narcotics in order to alleviate their pain. Pain killers are a very powerful drug and should not be used irresponsibly. If possible, stop the usage of pain killers immediately if you feel an intense pain or if you see that you might suffer an accident due to continuous misuse.

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