Sonata High

Sonata High

sonata high

Sonata high drug  addiction is characterized by the physical and psychological dependence to cocaine. The intensity of the drug addiction varies from case to case but in most of the cases, the sufferer will compulsively need the drug. It has been noted that when the regular user starts taking the drug he craves for more and craves it intensely. His needs are so powerful that without consuming the drug, he will feel irritable and restless. The cycle continues until the time he uses the drug for the prescribed purpose which again leads to a state of withdrawal from the drug and then starts the whole process over again. It is interesting to note that most of the cocaine-addicted individuals are normal students. They have good grades and high social status in the society. It is not the alcohol or any other substance that they depend on but rather the cocaine. Most of these students start using the drug during their early days when they are still in college. The main reason why most of these drug users are students is that they spend a lot of time at colleges or universities. Most of them use the drug during the early hours of the morning to wake up when they are still asleep.

sonata high drug addiction symptons

Sonata drug addiction has several symptoms. The most common symptom is the constant cravings for the drug, which can occur even at late hours of sleep especially at nights. Some people also suffer from insomnia, which is a type of sleep disorder. Other symptoms include muscular weakness, lack of appetite and weight loss. You may also experience bouts of depression because of the constant pain that you are experiencing from your drug use. The other major symptom of Sonata drug addiction is the inability to stop using the drug. Due to the severe withdrawals that you are experiencing, it may be difficult for you to stop abruptly. There are many who try to quit but fail completely. They are either temporarily addicted to the drug, or they also suffer from withdrawal symptoms that can be fatal if not treated well. Another symptom of Sonata drug addiction is the physical aspect of the drug user. This means that the user may experience shaking, tremors, seizures and even hallucinations. If you abuse any form of drugs, this can lead to serious health problems like heart attacks and even death. To conclude, the symptoms of Sonata drug addiction can be fatal. They may also cause you to lose your job if you are an employee. You must therefore see a doctor and get yourself treated for your drug addiction. You should never try to use any form of drugs without the supervision of a medical professional.

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