Speed Addiction

Speed Addiction

speed addiction

Speed addiction is a very serious one. It can quickly become addictive and dangerous one, as it often develops into a bacrimony habit. Tolerance to this drug is also fast to develop and when someone continues to use it, eventually, a person develops a dependency on or addiction to the drugs and it seriously begins to destroy their life. This is because it creates a physical dependence on it that interferes with their other daily activities and responsibilities. This makes it tough to get through the day and many times they cannot function without it. The speed in which the substance alters the brain has been recognized as one of the main factors of its development. It has been found that, while most people tend to experience euphoria during the first few uses of this drug, after continuous usage, the effects of the drug begin to alter the brain chemistry in such a way that the user develops a tolerance to it. When the tolerance builds up, the person experiences what is called a ‘come-on’. This is when they feel a sudden rush of energy and want more of it; often, that means using much more of the drug. After such a period of usage, the user experiences what are known as’speed cravings’ and if they do not get their supply of the drug, they begin to develop symptoms of withdrawal, which include insomnia, anxiety, depression, irritability and even bipolar disorder.

speed addiction effects on the body

People who suffer from speed addiction may not realize it but they are actually withdrawing from important nutrients that are required by their bodies. In cases of long term abuse, these nutrients can cause possible nutritional deficiencies which can result in a variety of problems for the patient. Some of the common symptoms of speed addiction include lethargy, loss of appetite, weight loss and brain zaps. This is why it is extremely important to seek treatment for detoxification. Detox is the first step in the process of recovering from any form of addiction.

When a person is detoxified from speed, they will experience many symptoms that are similar to those of drug detox. They may experience hallucinations, shakes, as well as jitters and increased heart rate and blood pressure. Although the symptoms experienced during speed addiction are similar to those of many other drugs, one must be careful about how to proceed with treatments for detox. These symptoms should not be ignored or underestimated and patients must seek medical attention immediately. Treatment for hallucinations is very similar to anti-psychotic drugs used in medical emergencies and must be treated as such.

Most speed addicts will be put into a rehabilitation facility. The rehabilitation centers are designed specifically for speed addiction and will most likely have physicians on staff who specialize in addiction recovery. Detox centers will be medically monitored and may also have counselors on staff. One of the most important aspects of recovery at a rehab center is group therapy. Speed addicts will need all of their support system in order to successfully complete this process. It is unfortunate that the symptoms of speed addiction are closely related to mental disorders. The unfortunate thing about these symptoms is that they seem to be more noticeable and last longer in the user than other stimulants like cocaine. The symptoms are highly addictive and can ruin the life of the user very quickly. If you or someone you know needs help, please consult a physician as soon as possible.

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