Stages Of Addiction

Stages Of Addiction

stages of addiction

Stages of Addiction: There are several stages of addiction but the starting point is always the same. There is the first stage, which is the hardest to get over. This stage starts when one suffers from the withdrawal symptoms of the addictive substance. They feel uncomfortable in social situations, have irregular sleep patterns and they are constantly in need of a drug or substance to take care of their discomfort. This is the first stage and the road towards recovery is long and hard.

Stages of Recovery: The stages of addiction may last for a number of months to years depending on the severity of the addiction. When one is in the initial stages of addiction, they might start with a short-term program and progress slowly as they go along. When this happens, the person may be treated for the physical aspect of the problem such as detoxification, medication and counseling. The mental aspect of the problem requires in-depth and specialized treatment that deal with the issues surrounding thought patterns, social problems and mental health.

the 5 stages of addiction 

The stages of recovery vary from one person to another and there is no fixed rule for the same. However, most experts agree that the longer one goes into the addiction, the higher chance they will overcome it. Most experts agree that it is not always necessary to have suffered from the addiction for a long period of time before one can fully recover from it. One just needs to make a conscious effort towards being sober at all times.

Stages of Rehabilitation: In the recovery stage, one undergoes intense therapy to get rid of their addiction completely. During this stage, they learn to accept responsibility for their actions and the harm they have caused to themselves and to others. They also get help to deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of addiction. They begin to have realistic expectations of their life and try to set goals to ensure they achieve them.

Maintenance Phase: This is the stage where relapse is kept to a minimum. It also gets easier to function in social situations since one does not get paranoid and is able to live normally. One has also probably developed a healthier sense of self-worth, which enables them to accept help when it is offered. The major problem during this stage is that relapse is possible if treatment is not continued.

Stages of Addiction Recovery: Most addiction programs take up the maintenance stages in a gradual way over a period of time. These stages are important since they provide a good base for the individuals who want to give up the habit. It is important to understand that the success of any treatment depends on maintaining the momentum achieved in earlier stages. One must be aware of the fact that these stages of rehabilitation may be very difficult and requires patience and commitment from the addict. Once you have reached one stage, you are on your way to recovery.

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