Synthetic Weed

Synthetic Weed

synthetic weed

Synthetic weed has become more popular today many have become addicted, however the risk are terrible. 

Synthetic Weed Dangers

According to recent reports, some very real synthetic weed dangers include:

* Indications of Lung Problems – Anecdotal evidence and research indicates that using synthetic weed can cause the onset of asthma and other lung disorders such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis. If someone is recovering from an asthma attack or other respiratory problem, they should strongly consider seeking emergency help at a residential treatment center. The emergency room at the local emergency medical facility can be a safe haven during detox for people experiencing symptoms of withdrawal from heroin or other opiate medications.

* Increased Risk Of Diabetes – It’s not uncommon for people who are trying to recover from heroin or other opiate addiction to experience severe weight loss, hunger pangs, and thirst. Unfortunately, many who are recovering from heroin or other drugs experience an unexpected and unpleasant side effect: increased risk of developing diabetes. This is true whether or not the drug being used was a synthetic weed. Many rehabs offer medical detox treatment for those suffering from this problem.

* Increased Risk Of Seizures – Even though it may sound counterintuitive, those recovering from a synthetic weed addiction should also be on the look out for signs of seizure activity. Most of these signs include increased frequency of vomiting, confusion, irritability, lack of coordination, and increased frequency of screaming and crying. Those experiencing these symptoms should immediately seek medical attention. Seizures are sometimes confused with acid reflux. If medical intervention is needed, a physician should be consulted before self-medication or any other drug treatment. The withdrawal effects from abrupt withdrawal from opiates, such as vomiting and strange behaviors, can be extremely dangerous.

* Weight Loss – Even though most synthetic weed users do not gain an appreciable amount of weight while in treatment, they do tend to lose some when abruptly stopped. The body’s dependence on the drug has not diminished over time. The user’s tolerance level to the drug remains high. In addition, detox at a k2 withdrawal treatment center provides many other benefits, including a chance to work out, improve mood, and get the help needed to reduce cravings. These steps allow recovering addicts to avoid the serious health risks of using heroin or other drugs, and allow them to avoid jail time.

* Signs Of Serious Health Problems – Users of linnellite tend to experience withdrawal symptoms that mirror the symptoms of heroin addicts experience. These symptoms include intense cravings, depression, anxiety, nausea, tremors, and shakes. While these symptoms can vary from person to person, they often come on rapidly and severely interfere with everyday life. Withdrawal can become serious enough to cause relapse, especially if one returns to using the drug after successfully receiving help for their addiction.

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