Zoloft And Alcohol

Zoloft And Alcohol

Zoloft And Alcohol

Zoloft and alcohol can be deadly combination if you do not know it. Zoloft is an antidepressant drug and is commonly prescribed for treating depression and mood disorders. It is also used to treat sleeplessness and fatigue and other similar problems. If you take Zoloft or take medications containing Zoloft you run the risk of having interactions with some of the other drugs you may be taking. This article will discuss Zoloft and alcoholism and how to tell if you are at risk.

Zoloft and alcohol are a dangerous combination because Zoloft contains histamine, which has been shown to be a factor in the development of migraine headaches. By mixing Zoloft with alcoholic beverages, more serotonin is released, which can increase the severity of your symptoms. The effects of Zoloft and alcohol on your headache will depend on the strength of the combination. For milder headaches, Zoloft is likely to have no noticeable effect while stronger dosages of Zoloft could cause a headache that is unbearable.

Zoloft and drowsiness may also have negative effects on your eyes. Zoloft is known to make the blood vessels in the eyes contract which can increase the risk of hemorrhaging and eventually blindness. Although this is generally mild to moderate side effects, if you notice that your vision is dimming or becoming blurred Zoloft or another type of medication may be the culprit.

dangers of combining Zoloft And Alcohol

Zoloft and alcohol are also dangerous because Zoloft has been found to cause changes in heart function and heartbeat. It has been shown to increase the risk of having a heart attack as well as arrhythmia. Combining alcohol with Zoloft raises the heart rate and blood pressure. This can increase the risk of cardiac arrest, a condition that occurs when the heart begins to beat irregularly. If left unchecked, these changes can lead to death. Zoloft and alcohol are not a good combination. If you are taking one or the other for anxiety, depression or ringing in the ears, talk to your doctor about adding a prescription for Zoloft. Your Zoloft prescription will also cover the benefits of adding an antidepressant to help you with your depression or anxiety. Zoloft does not treat all forms of depression and can worsen symptoms of depression or cause severe side effects.

Zoloft and alcohol can be dangerous if you combine the two substances without the supervision of your doctor. If you feel as though you need some additional help with your problems, then talk to your doctor about the two substances and what they may do to your body. Do not take Zoloft if you have been diagnosed with any type of heart or liver problem. Also, do not use Zoloft if you have taken any medications that contain acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, asthma medication, tranquillizer drugs, any antihistamines and sedatives.

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